About us

We are the first and largest event of 2023 dedicated to the mixology world.

This year’s highlight is an unmissable event for the entire hospitality sector.

An innovative format that consolidates the events that have strongly contributed to the birth of the new era of the Italian Modern MIxology.

A meeting point for the entire International Bar Industry, a unique opportunity for exchange for companies, brands, professionals, and conscious consumers.

The Tastings

9500 m2 of exhibition areas are divided into sixteen thematic areas.

A journey through our tasting “experiences” that have made known and promoted companies and brands in thirteen years through our free tastings with producers, master distillers, brand ambassadors, importers, and distributors.

The Themed Bars

Each area will have a reference point bar for mixology tastings of the present products at the event. The most renowned cocktail bars in Italy will be involved, uniting with the mood of our event, as well as guests from the international bar industry.

 The Main Stage

The main focus is to bring the international bar industry to Italy with distinguished and important guests from the beverage & mixology sector. The main stage program will offer current trends along with classic and more in-depth content.

 The Academy

A reality of vertical events through 13 years has allowed participants to enjoy a real journey, a three-day academy course, where renowned professionals will hold face-to-face lessons for small groups of participants.

 The Brand Seminars

The rooms for private seminars will be available to companies and brands who want to present and promote their products through guided tastings, round tables, and the participation of international personalities introducing their cocktails.

 The Food

Cocktail and culinary art will combine with activities that involve prominent personalities from the world of cooking, offering their gastronomy vision combined with the world of cocktails for a liquid kitchen experience.

 The Shop

One of our main strengths in these 13 years has been the shop. A dedicated space for the sale of professional equipment, books, liquors, and spirits, the latest market news, and exclusive products not yet distributed.

 The Mixology Week

It is the promotion week anticipating the Mixology Experience event, in collaboration with important partners and numerous Milanese activities, a calendar of unmissable appointments for the general public.

 The Cocktail Week

A series of indoor and outdoor activities with direct involvement of the city through pop-up venues and events. An exhibition that extends to the whole national territory through guests who will participate from all over Italy at the MIxology Experience.

The Venue

The Superstudio Maxi is a 10,000 m2 location born from the restoration of a disused steel factory.

It is mainly known for its impressive open space, modern, elegant, and industrial vibe, a multifunctional glass room that dominates the pavilion, and functional offices from above.

A large outside area of ​​about 3,000 m2 borders the greenery of La Spezia Park.

Superstudio Maxi is a totally sustainable and technologically advanced structure.